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Some JS Code-Art / Demos




Cinder is a community-developed, free and open source library for professional-quality creative coding in C++.


Generative Jellyfish

AngryAnts BehaviourTree for Unity3D


Unity Shader Editor


nice one!

IKEA – Orgel Vreten mit Blender 3D 2.49b

TouchScrolling on GUI for Unity3d iPhone

from here:

„When running on the iPhone, UnityGUI ScrollViews act as if the player is using a mouse. The player can tap on or drag the scrollbar, but they can’t drag the list itself up and down with their finger. And naturally, that’s the first thing my playtester tried to do. So it would be useful to be able to add touch behavior to UnityGUI scrolling lists….“


Smoothing out iPhone’s accelerometers

var steering:float;

function Update () {
	steering = Mathf.Round(Mathf.Lerp(steering, iPhoneInput.acceleration.y*10, Time.time));

iPhone Native UI and Unity 3 Pro

A nice article about iPhone Native UI and Unity 3 Pro together:

About GUIManager



One of the most troublesome things about working with the Iphone is the limited drawcalls and memory. For me, most of the optimization is done on the GUI. How to possibly keep the drawcalls down and use less memory. With the inspiration of others on this forum, I’ve come up with a possible solution that hopefully others can benefit from too. Now, this is only my interpretation of one possible solution and it works for me, but it’s not by all means the answer to every situation. I give a shout out to the following for their great work:

SpriteManager by Brady
SpriteUI by CedarParkDad
Ani.Mate by Adrian
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