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Notes for Facebook Flash-Apps

5. September 2010

some links to read and learn….


fb:swf embedding

Flash & Facebook Connect via JavaScript

…Unfortunately you’ll need to proxy your requests through the domain on which your SWF is hosted, as it is the only trusted domain by default and Facebook’s crossdomain policy file obviously isn’t going to change to accommodate your server.

In my case, i wrote a PHP script that accepts Graph API requests from my SWF, proxies these requests to Facebook through the PHP SDK, then returns the results to the SWF. This can also be done with the Javascript SDK, see flash.external.ExternalInterface in Flash/Flex….[QUELLE]

Flash &Facebook Connect – still working?

AS3: Mehrere Methoden über ExternalInterface übergeben

Facebook Graph API & OAuth 2.0 & Flash (update)
Extending FacebookOAuthGraph Class

However I made a strange combination which seems secure to me:
1. I did whats written below in here (http://wiki.developers.facebook.com/index.php/Fb:swf; To verify that your Flash object was loaded from a Facebook page, do the following. For security, this technique does not embed your secret key in your Flash app: ) to verify that the user is from facebook (md5ing all the parameters in one string and the secret key against fb_sig).

2. Additionally I use Volunds method ($token=md5(’secretstring‘.$userid)wink and send the userID plain and encoded through GET and then check the two, If the plain sent userID plus the secret string md5ed matches the encoded userID (which I generated using PHP on the page where the swf is embedded and passed using flashvars), the PHP script grants database access for all entries that belong to userID.


Canvas Authentication Parameters

O’Reilly RIA Series: Facebook Application Development

Facebook ActionScript API Gotchas

Facebook Graph API authentication OAuth 2.0 replacing Require Login

Stackoverflow FBJS

Facebook Developer Toolkit

User’s Demographic Data from Facebook

Graph api & javascript base Facebook Connect tutorial
PHP SDK & Graph API base Facebook Connect Tutorial

Forumeintrag über AS3 FBSJBridge

From → AS3

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